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Edge Of Tomorrow 1080p Kickass 21 'LINK'

With an AVC MPEG-4 (1080p, 2.40:1) in tow, 'Kick Ass' is a film that is visually enthralling, though the very same elements that make it a fun watch are also the main elements that hold it back. Very much like 'Repo! The Genetic Opera,' extreme over-saturation can utterly obliterate clothing detail and facial features. It isn't DNR making every face so gorgeously smooth, it's the design of the film (and is even acknowledged in the A New Kind of Superhero supplement on this disc). Throw in a heaping mass of noise, inconsistent black levels and some crushing issues, and you have a transfer that is held back, and that's a damn, damn shame, as this one is otherwise quite sound. The picture is so amazingly deep and three dimensional, there is no arguing if this is worth a purchase for the video upgrade. Up close and far away, detail levels that aren't affected by the heat of the picture are intense and quite splendid. Grain levels are kept in check (except for one establishing shot which is beyond out of place), and colors are quite surreal.

Edge Of Tomorrow 1080p Kickass 21



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