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WEBE Model Phoebe Part 3

Arnold's way of attracting attention to himself is to make a loud fart and see if it works. He makes his way through the rain and finds what he is looking for. The rain is not what he was looking for, but a trip over a fallen log gets him back on track. He then drags his useless legs along the ground. He finally gets back to the car and tells Phoebe all about his trip. He makes up a story about how something peculiar happened to him, and then they settle back in for the car ride home.

WEBE Model Phoebe Part 3

Meanwhile, Phoebe and Carlos are heading to the parking lot, where they spot Ricardo, who tells them that Carlos is not supposed to have doughnuts because of the auto-immune issues. So Carlos is eating them by himself. He's finally having to live under his mother's rules.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Tank Engine, the girls plan a surprise party for all of their relatives and friends. However, the Toot train makes everyone late, and as the girls are taking their seats, Ricardo realizes that he's forgotten something: his train guide. He tells them that he is going to have it repaired because he's always leaving it in his hot car. He has no idea that his car breaks down the same day and he gets taken to the hospital where they pump his stomach and he ends up being in the hospital for three days. In the meantime, Phoebe and Ricardo are still searching for it. Ricardo apologizes to Phoebe and Carlos and says he should have thought about it before leaving.

The general's helicopter crashes, so he crawls out onto the ground and crosses it as well. Phoebe is disgusted because of the bottom she has to watch and she starts to laugh with Wanda and Carlos. The general resumes his march towards The Magic School Bus as he notices the bus. So that's it. General Araneus is gone, but Phoebe believes he is gone forever. The class returns to The Magic School Bus and they're shaking with so much tension, except for Phoebe. Ms. Frizzle arrives with the general and announces that he can't carry the trap, so she will put him in it. This sends the class into panic mode and they struggle out of the traps. The general is just in time to catch up with Ms. Frizzle. The general tries to attack her, but Ms. Frizzle says she is Phoebe's teacher and he is against her. So the general uses his size and strength to send the bus off the road. Phoebe and the others who haven't been captured are trapped on the bus. Ms. Frizzle picks up a cell phone and dials some number.


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