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Fixing the Thought, Fixing the Body

It will always be a problem in the body if it stays in the head. Recurrent issues are usually a problem that originated with an off thought pattern or an unidentified incessant iniquity (iniquity in the Hebrew is “Avon” and means “to bend, twist, distort” and is whatever bends, twists or distorts the word)

The head space of a thing/person/organization must be confronted to cause symptoms in the body to cease.

In Revelations, chapter 2, John is commanded to write to the Angel of the house. The first writing went to the Angel at the house of Ephesus. It shows us that they could see/discern, had works, and walked in Presence (ie. candlesticks) Christ than says, I have this against you. Thou hast left thy first love.

Verse 5 starts with the word “remember”! Christ confronts the thought pattern of the head. He creates a jolting change of process and thought. After the thought pattern is corrected, He says repent, or the Presence will be removed.

“Remember” in Hebrew is “Zakar”. To “zakar” is to employ your hands, and feet, and lips, to engage in whatever action that remembrance requires. Christ telling the church to remember was jolting the body into movement that was according to what He wanted.

If your body is bound to a recurrent condition allow Christ to cause you to Zakar — remember the word and cause action!

- Prophet Nate

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